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Housing Adaptations.


After assessing your needs I can suggest various housing adaptations and

structural alterations to help you towards overcoming problems and

obstacles that stand in your way, these can include ;


Minor Adaptations - small and minor improvements to enhance your quality of life, such as grab rails, access alterations, banister rails and sloping pavements.


Major adaptations - more substantial structural alterations such as stair lifts, level access showers and custom built extensions to your property.

Home Adaptations for Challenging Behaviour


Living with a child who is demonstrating challenging behaviour can obviously be unpredictable, and at times both worrying and stressful.  Every day noises and lights can over stimulate a child with sensory disorders so I can help you identify what solutions may prevent or reduce these behaviour patterns.  Some children respond effectively to sensory rooms within the home and because you cannot monitor your child 24 hours a day, simple safety alterations to a property can give you peace of mind that your child is safe.  A full holistic assessment will identify what intervention is most suited to your child's needs.

Moving and Handling.


For those with a disability which requires use of specialist equipment

to move around the house, get in and out of bed or handle every day

objects in a different way, I can give a full assessment with through, experienced advice on choosing the right equipment for your needs.


I will then give you full, practical training on how to use this equipment, whether it is for yourself or you are another person who needs to assist someone with a disability using such equipment, I can provide the best possible training to ensure you are competent and safe, with yearly

reviews and communication to assess continued suitability for you.

Home Build Projects


Often a life changing illness or disability will require substantial changes to your home environment so you can live as normally as possible.


As a specialist in home build projects, and often working for local authorities, solicitors and insurance companies on such projects, I will assess your needs and work with you to provide the perfect home build.


Constantly communicating with builders, architects and specialist equipment providers, I will manage your home build project from start to finish, ensuring a smooth process all the way and a perfectly built home.

Aids & Adaptations for Adults


Promoting independence is the optimum goal and the key focus of everything that Occupational Therapy Matters aim to achieve. The

correct provision of equipment can enable you to live independently for

as long as possible and make all the difference to your quality of life.


With a wide knowledge of the range of assistive technology available, I

can assist you in carrying out the essential activities of daily life. I can

also help you to care safely for your relatives and recommend safety provisions giving you peace of mind that your loved ones are safe.

Aids & Adaptations for Children


Having spent many years working with disabled children, I am very experienced in understanding and assessing the importance of aids and

adaptations for families who have children with long term illness.


For children that need postural support, it is essential that they are provided with the correct equipment, whether this consists of a shower chairs, a comfortable chair or a full functional supportive chair.

Occupation Therapy matters can provide you with on going support as

your child grows to ensure the equipment meets their needs.

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